Week 11

Moving Forward

So despite what my personal views might be in relation to this firm, I must truck on and complete the assignment. This week was all about Moving Forward!

I really find Maria’s lectures very helpful. She is a great teacher and for someone like me who is a visual learner but can only study by flex, this resource is fantastic! This week I was straightening up and re-watching lectures 8, 9 and 10. Not the entire lecture – I skipped to the good bits ūüôā

I also uploaded my assignment onto my blog for feedback and jumped onto the moodle forum to see if I could help some of my fellow students.

I’m on the road to a great result if I can pull this last assignment together!


Week 10

Are these guys for real?!

So this week I was left wondering what EnviroMission is actually doing with the millions of investor dollars that they have. Are they actually going to build a solar tower? Are they just floating investors money on the stock market and living off the interest? Am I going to see Roger Davey on Today Tonight in months to come being charged with corruption and fraud?

Lots of questions to be answered. I would love to sit down with a member of EnviroMission and have a chat.


Week 9

Let’s get cracking!

Smashed out SPA3 and threw that one off my desk quick smart. I don’t have a lot of time on my hands in the upcoming weeks so I didn’t get to put my heart and soul into this one like I have in the past, however I was graded a sweet 70% which is pretty dam good in my mind.

Right now I feel like I’m on the road to some really good grades so I want to get into it ASS#3 as soon as possible and crack it open! Bring on the ratios.


Week 8

Under Pressure?!?!

I seemed to listen to this song a lot this week….. I was also seen sitting at my desk bopping away to Micheal Jackson, Bee Gees’s and ¬†anything else I could find in the ‘Disco’ era. I wasn’t around when Disco hit the scene but I think I would have loved it. Whenever I’m in need of a pick-me-up I jump onto Jango (and online radio station) and find a funky playlist of golden oldies to help me get my groove back.

Week 7

Where did that go?! Amongst the jumble of public holidays = long weekends I spent most of those days tapping away at my ASS#2 and reading all about Tax. Why doesn’t my¬†company pay tax or receive any tax benefits? ¬†What the heck is going on here? Once I get my head out of spreadsheet land I want to take a better look at this. I can only think of a few possible answers:

  • Because they are a renewable energy firm they are tax exempt. But then I would of thought that the government would give them a grant or incentive or some sort…
  • They are on a “Tax Holiday” until they are up and running the government is giving them a break. ¬†(This is a real thing that I found in the KPMG site)
  • They are operating at a loss and therefore not entitled to paying tax. Which seems the obvious answer except…. why are they not receiving a tax benefit?
  • And lastly, the only other possible answer I could come up with is they are operating illegally and have not declared their business to the government.


Week 6

Reading, Reading, Reading…. Reflecting… That pretty much sums up me week. There were a few late nights (which didn’t involve drinking wine or watching repeats of game of thrones unfortunately) due to a couple of big projects I had to take care of at work and then catching up on study.

Late night study can be good and bad. Good if I’m feeling productive and I am able to retain what I am learning. Bad if I’m not feeling productive and the struggle is trying to stay awake as well as trying to understand the what the heck I’m reading. As a result I have almost completed SPA#2 and am now onto step 2 of my ASS#2. YAY.

This week when I hit the wall and that the load of washing was looking way more appealing than finishing off chapter 7, I took to TED for motivation. This one is a goodie.


Week 5

Well I started this week feeling mighty confident and excited to head into ASS #2 after receiving some awesome marks and great feedback from ASS #1. After starting this course completely convinced that accounting was all about math which I suck at and I would be setting myself up for an expensive failure – I was delighted to see me score! HIGH FIVES all round. Could accounting be my hidden talent? Pffft “settle down” I tell myself, let’s get to the end of this term before you starting pining Micky Mouse badges on yourself Zoe.¬†

Reflecting on this week it all seemed to be madness as usual. Back to work, surrounded by stressed out coffee crazed students, up late at home trying to complete my own study and readings. Downtime is important! I make sure I take a night or two off to watch a movie and spend my Sunday fishing and beaching around the Noosa river before the insanity of Monday rolls in.

Next week might be called ‘break week’ but no student I’ve met has time to take a week off in the middle of term! Next week it’s all about finishing off SPA#1, Starting ASS#2 and peerwising. The meme below seems fitting…..


Week 4

Assignment one is OVER! I always have a good feeling submitting an assignment. Well that is until I hit the submit button and notice I’ve made a spelling mistake!! Thank god I’m not planning a career into Editing or Writing…..

My reflection on this week was lots of late night study sessions and reviewing… going back through my notes, re-watching lecture 2 to get my darn spreadsheet making sense and taking on board the feedback my fellow peers have given me.

Week 4 was good to me. I had the entire week off work so after a big study sesh in the morning I was able to head to the beach with my boys or out on our boat for a quick fish before plonking myself back in front of the computer for the remainder of the afternoon/ evening. Monday morning of week 5 it’s back to work at the CQU Noosa Campus for me, so my deadline was Sunday night and I smashed it in. Very happy to have it out of the road so I can concentrate on the SPA now due in 2 weeks!!!

Cheers guys!

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